Metalik klinik asia


01.KEKAL (Indonesia) - Once Again It Failed -[download]-
02.MANIPULATED SLAVES (Japan) - Bearing The Final Pain -[download]-
03.RUDRA (Singapore) - Anantarupa -[download]-
04.NOISM (Japan) - It Workers Of All Countries United! -[download]-
05.ARMAGEDDON HOLOCAUST (Indonesia) - Punch N' Shake -[download]-
06.NARSAMUN (Malaysia) - The Falls Of Eternity -[download]-
07.DEATHGUY (Thailand) - The Promised Land -[download]-
08.CRANIAL INCISORED (Indonesia) - Popped Of The Hook -[download]-
09.FATIMA HILL (Japan) - Ultimata -[download]-
10.DAMOKIS (Malaysia) - For Bastard -[download]-
11.ABABIL (Indonesia) - Atribute To All Fuckin' People -[download]-
12.REMEMORIES (Singapore) - Sudden Farewell -[download]-
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